rod's basement
family jewels
band members

Michael Leyden - Guitar, Vox
Rod Moody - Guitars, vox
Doug Sisko - Bass, vox
Chris Hart - Drums
Dan Mickus - Bass, Vox
Matt Jugenheimer - Drums
Many others...

Friends of WJ

Crime Family
Deranged Diction
Dr. Atomic
Dry Bones
The Fireballs
The Fuzz
Green Handshake
In For Red
Moody Brothers
The Purdins
Runaway Trains
Twink the Wonder Kid

In 2001, Tina and I moved from Seattle to Providence, Rhode Island to begin
our next great adventure. Shortly after arriving there, I began working at the
New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. It was there that I met
Mr. Douglas Sisko. I discovered that he played in a band and that he was a
big fan of the "Seattle Sound" (he learned how to play guitar from listening to
Nirvana!). So naturally, I had to regale him with my stories of the good old
days of grunge, and continued to do so for a long, long time. Even I would have lost patience with myself.

Anyhoo, we started talking about his band one day, and he said they might need a second guitarist. He gave me a CD, and while the music was much different than anything I had ever played, I was attracted to its low-fi charm, the happy, almost bouncy feel to some of the songs, the singer's initially startling high-pitched voice, and the strong songwriting talent that came through in several places throughout the CD.

I went over to their practice space, and did the best I could, but it was clear that I would have to put some real effort into fitting into this particular style of indie-pop. I would have to largely abandon my signature loud blasts of power chords and distorted leads, and focus on quiet, melodic fills and clean folky chords like D and G. I took an instant liking to all of the guys in the band, which were at that time, Michael Leyden, who wrote the songs, sang them, and played guitar like one would type on a computer keyboard (you'd have to see it); Chris Hart on drums; Doug on bass; and myself. And can I mention again that Michael Leyden is a tremendous songwriter? He's really one of a kind, and I can't imagine why the good indie labels haven't picked up on him yet.

We went on to play quite a few shows in the Boston/Cambridge area, a radio show, dates in Buffalo, NY and Connecticut, and went on a small "tour" of South Carolina, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. I recorded one CD with Whistle Jacket, which was called "So Let Me Know." Chris and Doug left the band during the recording of this release, and Dan Mickus took over on bass for the remainder of the songs. "So Let Me Know" was much rockier than Whistle Jacket's first CD. As much as I tried to rein in my "rock" tendencies, they were splattered every which way. And, unfortunately, unlike the debut CD, this one did not get reviewed, did not get airplay, shows were not dropped like a stone. It also took a year to make!

After Chris left the band, Michael found Dan, who took over the drum spot until Doug left. Dan then moved to bass, and Matt Jugenheimer was added as drummer. Shortly after this lineup was finalized, Tina and I made the decision to move back to Seattle. I played one last show with Whistle Jacket, which included all members past and present. We had a great time. After we had moved back to Seattle, I flew out to Boston to join them for their record release party, and then Michael returned the favor by flying out to Seattle and playing two shows with me.

Whistle Jacket is still going strong. They released a third CD, and it is getting some attention. They have returned to the vibe of the first album, but it is a big improvement. Whistle Jacket, and Michael in particular, are some of the nicest people ever, and it was a lot of fun to be able to put a bit of leather in the 'Jacket!

Rainy Day Sunshine (2001)

If I Was to Write a Love Song
Love You Back
Summer Secret
Northern Bird
Mother's Lonely Anniversary
Saddest Song
Brand New Kind of War
Just a Little Love
Hey Tree
Thrift Store Dreamer
Happy Yesterdays
You're The Reason I Write Love Songs

So Let Me Know (2006)

Girl in the Car
Hopeless Optimism
Flag in the Sky
Pick Up The Pieces (and Smash Them Again)

Stop Start Skip and Jump (2007)

Say Hello
Skip and Jump
Whistle Jacket Theme Song
Empty Ice Cream Cone
Your Cheatin' Heart
Dog and Cat
Hey Kid
Ally's Cookies
Knife Fight


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