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Rod - Guitars, vox
Jeff Arntzen - Bass, vox
Chris Jensen - Drums

Show Flyers!

Kegger Party! (11/1/1980)

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I don't remember a whole lot about this band. We formed around 1980, but I am not sure how we met. The drummer was a clean cut soccer player jock-type guy, while the bass player drove a mail truck and was into punk rock. He was the one who suggested we mix Ramones, Cheap Trick, and Sex Pistols with the more typical classic hard rock/metal covers that I had been playing in prior bands. This was the first band that I brought my own songs to - a mix of jumpy new wave, heavy metal, and prog-ish stuff, which was a reflection of my somewhat confused musical stance at the time.

I think we only played at a couple of house parties. We were supposed to play at a big bash at Friendship Rehearsal Studios, which was located under the West Seattle Bridge. I had rehearsed with other bands at that space, and they frequently threw big parties with beer, bands, and, of course, underage kids. So, we arranged to have Dr. Atomic play one of these parties. Unfortunately someone (ahem!) came up with the wise idea of printing out flyers advertising a KEGGER PARTY!!!! in screaming bold letters, and we handed them out at our high schools. School administrators got hold of one of the flyers, and called the police, who visited the studio and gently advised them not to host the KEGGER PARTY!!!! We broke up shortly thereafter, for reasons I cannot recall.

I have a tape of one of our practices, but it is of such poor quality, I cannot in good conscience put samples up on this page.



Dragnet Theme
Black Sabbath
(Black Sabbath)
Check Out Time (Original)
Victim of Illusion
(Michael Schenker Group)
Electric Glance
Something Else
(Sex Pistols)
Let's Go
Rock and Roll
(Led Zep)
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
(Van Halen)
Coming Attractions
Night Sounds Loud
Back in the USSR
Immigrant Song
(Led Zep)
Computer Error
The Lucky One
Day Tripper
'Elo Kiddies
(Cheap Trick)
No Exit
(Angel City)
Tie Your Mother Down
Too Rolling Stoned
(Robin Trower)


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