rod's basement
family jewels
band members

Diane Behrens - Vocals
Brian Bearden - Guitar
Rod - Guitars, Vox
Ryco Collins - Bass
Tom Hendrickson - Drums
...and others before me and after.

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During the last days of Swallow and the entire time Spike was together, my then-girlfriend (now wife), Tina, and I lived in a house on lower Queen Anne. Our first roomate was Diane Behrens, who, as one of the two "Sound Babes," ran sound for the legendary dive bar, Squid Row. Diane also had a band called the Runaway Trains, that had been around for quite some time. The Trains played Ramonesy power pop, and Diane's powerful voice, charisma, and songwriting talent provided a very powerful engine for this particular locomotive. The rest of the band were no slouches either: Ryco was formerly in NW pub legends Variant Cause, while Tom anchored down Bam Bam and was the drummer for the Fastbacks for one memorable show. Brian (known as BB) besides being a great guitarist, was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the pre-grunge Seattle rock scene.

Well, one thing led to another, and I ended up joining the Trains, while playing in Spike as well. We played the clubs, did a TV show, sang the Chipmunks Xmas song on the radio, and recorded an albums worth of material live in a production studio (where I was almost killed in the process by a falling light rig). My record label, Y Records, released a single, but the mobile sessions remain unreleased.

I had a great time with the Trains, and its members are among the nicest and most supportive people I have had the pleasure to know. I had to leave the band around 1996, as I had felt too busy with work and Spike. They carried on with another guitarist for a while, but eventually Diane moved to Wisconsin, and the band split. She flew into Seattle to surprise me at my 40th birthday party, and the Trains (minus Ryco) played in my basement (as did a reunited Spike). The Runaway Trains, with full lineup, have since done two reunion shows, one in 2009, the other in 2010. Diane still lives in Wisconsin, Ryco in southern Oregon, Tom is playing drums with me in The Fuzz, and BB...let's just say if Kurt Bloch, Rob Morgan or Blue Oyster Cult are playing anywhere in the general Seattle area, you will see BB there! Still one of the biggest music fans I know!

Thanks for the fun times, Runaway ROCK!


Mistake/Spider 7"
(Y Records, 1995)

"Not Yet" Cassette - 1996

Camel Races
Walk All Over
Arms & Legs
Chain Letter
Go Back to Go
Monkey Bars
Slave to Her Urges
I Go Wild


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