rod's basement
family jewels
band members

Rod - Guitars, vox
Bruce Fairweather - Guitar
Jeff Ament - Bass
Sergio Avenia - Drums
Also Tim Healy and Tom Kipp on vox before me.

Show Flyers!

Metropolis - 9/15-16 1983
Munros - 9/17/83
Metropolis - 12/16/83
Metropolis - 1/6/84

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After Why broke up in 1983, I was looking to do something completely different. I had discovered hardcore punk and was going to a ton of shows at the Showbox and the Metropolis. My listening habits had changed drastically and now Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Fartz, and many other hardcore bands were in heavy rotation on my record player. One day, I saw an ad in The Rocket music paper placed by a hardcore band that had relocated from Montana and were looking for a singer. They were called Deranged Diction, and they gave me a demo tape called “No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules.” Really speedy, hardcore, thrash stuff. At first I just sang with no guitar to hide behind. We shared bills with Husker Du, Butthole Surfers, and a couple other national bands. We mostly played at the Metropolis, but also at Munro’s Dance Palace, and maybe a show or two at the Lincoln Arts Center. We also played an extremely redneck bar in Tacoma, and it marked the first and last time I have ever seen people swing dancing to hardcore!

Jeff Ament was pretty heavy into DC hardcore when I first joined, but later he started getting into Kiss and Bad Company, and we slowed down a bit. Mark Arm of Mudhoney once said that we went from being the fastest band in Seattle to being the slowest, which was a bit of an exaggeration, because we only had one really slow song in the later period. But, granted, most of our newer songs were more midtempo and rock-influenced. I had started to play guitar with the Diction at this point, and began writing some songs for us as well, so maybe the combination of the punk dude that was getting more into rock and the rock dude who got into punk was taking over a bit. For the life of me, I cannot remember why Diction broke up, but I am pretty sure it was in ‘84. I remember Jeff saying in a Pearl Jam interview “the other guys in the band weren’t taking it seriously." All I know is that we never recorded a single note together, and that is kinda sad. But I have to hand it to Jeff, he was motivated and focused and knew exactly what he wanted to do. And he did it first with Mother Love Bone, and then with Pearl Jam.

Update: In 2007, I ran into Jeff at Easy Street Records in West Seattle. We reminisced and agreed that it was too bad that the songs we wrote and performed were never recorded. Soon after, Jeff contacted me, saying that he thought it would be fun to record those songs and combine them with the old material recorded before I joined the band. This idea took a while to come to fruition, with Jeff's busy Pearl Jam schedule, but in May 2008 the DD "Mach II" lineup gathered at Avast studio and recorded and mixed 12 songs in four days. The double CD Life Support was released in 2009, and we celebrated by performing our first shows in 25 years - one at the Crocodile in Seattle (where original singer Tom Kipp joined us for a few songs), and another in Missoula. It was way too much fun getting together with the guys again and the crowd ate it up. We vowed to do it again in 2010, and we did, playing Missoula's Total Fest in August. The devastating death of our drummer and friend Sergio in 2013 marked the end of Deranged Diction.

Deranged Diction - Live in Missoula video #1 - 5/16/09

Deranged Diction - Live in Missoula video #2 - 5/16/09


No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules
(No Rod, either - Tim Healy and Tom Kipp on vox)

Kill or Be Killed
Have a Nice Day
Only An Asshole
So Bad
Not Fair
I'm An American
What You See On TV
Video Wars
Dying in the USA

Life Support/No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules

Disc 1
Life Support
What Can We Do
This Town
Hall Patrol
Video Wars
I'm Allergic to You
Wives Tales
Too Late

Disc 2
Have a Nice Day
Kill Me
I'm An American
Only an Asshole
Kill or be Killed
What You See on TV
Not Fair


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