rod's basement
family jewels
band members

Rod - Guitars, vox
Andy Hoggarth - Guitars, vox
Brad Jackman - Bass
Tom Hendrickson - Drums

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The Fuzz came from the remnants of another band called Humptulips. Even though I was not in that band, I named it. Tom Hendrickson, who I played with in the Runaway Trains, was in Humptulips with guitarist/ singer Mike Olness, another guitarist named Mark, and future Fuzzers Andy and Brad. They had a party one night and had asked those in attendance to help them come up with a name for their band. The winner would be awarded prizes and such. I had a rather large list of possible band names, and so I submitted several, including the winning entry, Humptulips. The band didn't last very long - after an argument, Brad called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to jam with him, Tom, and Andy. I agreed, and we became The Fuzz.

The Fuzz is an interesting mix of fellas. Andy used to play country and classic rock on the NW bar circuit, and is as great on the lap steel as he is on a guitar. Brad, on the other hand, is an old-school punk rocker from Orange County, who toured Europe with Rikk Agnew of the legendary Adolescents, roadied for Slayer and brought the bass to a number of well-known SoCal hardcore bands. Then there's Tom, who loves just about anything that's fast and loud, and lastly, me, the ex-grunge guy. However, after the first few practices, we knew that there was some chemistry between us.

We wrote a bunch of songs, some of which could be classified as "classic rock,' in the style of early '70s Stones. I wanted the lyrics to be self-absorbed and full of attitude, and the music to have a pronounced swagger. And I wanted it to be sexy. Of course, being the way I am, I couldn't leave it at that - other styles came and went along the way.

We were a band for nearly two years (1999-2000), and we only played a handful of shows during that time - two at a coffeehouse in Sumner that Brad helped run, one at the West Seattle Outdoor Cinema (we opened for Toy Story II), a show in Tacoma with Girl Trouble, one at the Sunset in Ballard and our final show, at The Breakroom on Capitol Hill. We recorded our demo, "Here Come The Fuzz" in my basement with the enormous engineering assistance of Jerry Hammack (see Throttle Body/Dry Bones). The Fuzz broke up when Tina and I moved to Rhode Island in 2001. We returned to Seattle in 2005, The Fuzz reunited, and it felt so good, we recorded a bunch of new songs in 2010, which became our second release, "Fun Forest." Fast forward to 2015 when The Fuzz decided to get out of the basement and into a proper recording studio (Elliott Bay Recording) to record their third full-length, "Bast Kept Secret." Producer Jerry Hammack flew in from his new home in Toronto to work his magic and the result is nine new slices of Fuzz goodness to be released September 15th on Green Monkey Records. Look ma, we got a record deal!



Best Kept Secret (2015)

Can't Wait
Too Bad
Charley Horse
She Believes
Locked Out
Call The Cops

Fun Forest (2011)

I Want
Run Run Run
All Over the World
Forget It
Something in the Water
Are You Gonna Miss Me
Talk to Me

Here Come The Fuzz (2000)

Fire and Gasoline
Love Me
Where Are You?
New Pair of Shoes


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