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family jewels
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Rod - Guitars, vox
Lynne Osborne - Vocals
Tim Wolfe - Guitar
Toby - Bass
? - Drums

Show Flyers!

Chief Sealth Auditorium - Friday, January 22, 1982

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Jettewar started in about 1981. It was another one of my hard rock/metal cover bands, except this one was different in that we had a female lead singer. At this time, I had a mad crush on a girl who was a born-again Christian, and I began going to "meetings" at her house. I agreed to give myself to Jesus in an attempt to persuade her to give herself to me! But then I became more serious about it and began wearing a big turquoise cross around my neck, writing songs such as "Here Comes The Lord," and telling the high school paper in an interview that I was conflicted about whether I wanted to continue playing the "devil's music." Anyway, I took this girl to the senior prom, but soon found some things out that made me re-think what I saw in that girl. So that was the end of my born again phase. Praise the Lord!

Back to the point..... Jettewar was all right....we played an amazing show at Chief Sealth high school, where I wore a white t-shirt with ripped-off sleeves to show off the effects of two straight years of hardcore weightlifting. My brother and his wife at the time were visiting from Portland and came to the show, and he still raves about it to this day. Must have done OK! Lynne was a pretty great singer, and guitarist Tim later when on to play bass for local metal gods Mistrust. I think we played a few other shows or parties, but can't recall the details.



I don't have a Jettewar songlist, but I do recall doing the folliowing songs

Victim of Illusion (Michael Schenker)
Rock Bottom (UFO)
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen)
Hot Dog (Led Zep)


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